• GC1690 F / T

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  • Class:Gas Chromatograph > General GC
  • Model:GC1690 F / T
  • parts1:GC1690 (Cheng Sheng, without the injector and detector)
  • parts2:GC1690F (double PIP+ double FID)
  • parts3:GC1690T(双PIP+TCD)
  • parts4:GC1690F(J)(SPL+单FID)
  • parts5:GC1690T(J)(SPL+TCD)
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  • Introduce:GC1690 series high performance gas chromatography is the latest generation of gas chromatograph, which is based on the international advanced technology, which integrates the advantages of domestic gas chromatography. According to the need to use flexible matching hydrogen flame ionization (FID) and thermal conductivity (TCD), flame photometric (FPD), nitrogen and phosphorus (NPD), electron capture detector (ECD), the boiling point of 399 DEG C organic matter, inorganic matter and gas constant, even trace amounts of trace analysis. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, power, food, fermentation, environmental protection and metallurgy, and many other longitudinal fields. GC16 series also with excellent performance to price ratio and perfect after-sales service to become the first choice for many gas users.
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Main features
(a) three protection
1) over temperature protection: when the hot spot temperature exceeds the set maximum, over temperature protection device, automatically cut off power of the heating zone and at the same time the alarm to avoid accidents.
2) over-current protection: when the TCD detector, such as the current set or TCD resistance increase suddenly, the work flow protection device, automatically cut off the current TCD bridge, and at the same time the alarm and display over TCD to protect tungsten were not burned (if the user due to operational errors, without introducing carrier gas start TCD, the device can also be automatically cut off the power supply to protect the tungsten). Can also increase the amplification circuit, in order to increase the sensitivity.
3) crash protection: instrument at work, when the heating areas of the thermosensitive element short circuit, open circuit, a heating wire, microcomputer operating system crash, the instrument can automatically cut off the power and alarm, avoid to work and unexpected. More than three points of protection function can make you more secure and safe for analysis work.
(two) six large temperature control
GC1690 type gas chromatography can be used for six way temperature control, in which the AUX1 control of the external heating device, the column temperature AUX1 with five steps.
(three) gas path control
Pneumatic controller with external, capillary gas tank, gas combustion supporting gas path box placed independently, airflow adjusting ratio of intuitive, flexible control, and once appear, a stretch of the road can be switched immediately, the operations master had no effect, convenient maintenance.
(four) noise is small
The main engine of the wind blades using a mold a molding, symmetry is good, to avoid imbalance in operation and produce noise.
(five) configuration flexibility
Capillary into sample is independent, can according to user requirements configuration of the dual capillary injector double amplifiers to install two branches of capillary column; can also be installed at the same time a packed column; also can be installed at the same time a packed column and a capillary column; can also be based on flexible increase TCD, FPD, NPD and ECD detector to meet the requirements of different analysis; one instrument up to three kinds sampler and three detector are installed.
(six) beautiful appearance
Vertical column box, beautiful appearance and easy, and small footprint, suitable for the use of small space in the laboratory, the new use of back pressure valve shunt / no diversion mode.
(seven) gas path controller
Pneumatic controller with external, one-way or two-way capillary gas path box, single or double way carrier gas path box, single or double way gas combustion supporting gas path box placed independently, airflow adjusting ratio of intuitive, flexible control, according to the analysis to select the most appropriate flow control is combined.
(eight) display / keyboard
GC1690 display abundant information, the keyboard has the advantages of simple operation, bright Analysys backlit LCD screen, easy to understand Chinese keyboard operation, reduce the burden of the operator. The key is the temperature control series, the blue key is the detector parameter control series; the white key is the digital key series; the black key is the external event control series.
(nine) detector (DET)
Can be installed at the same time in any of the following three:
FID hydrogen flame ionization detector
TCD thermal conductivity detector
FPD flame photometric detector
NPD nitrogen and phosphorus detector
ECD electron capture detector
(ten) sampler
1) to fill in the column column
2) the diversion / no diversion into the sample
3) large diameter capillary WBC
4) filled with a column of vaporization.
Six) 5 way valve gas into the style
(eleven) column temperature box
Used to obtain recognized high performance high column temperature box considering the thermal radiation of the gasification chamber or detector heating, column temperature box designed to erect the structure, the maximum temperature can reach 420 DEG C, temperature range of + 7 DEG C 420 DEG C, a 5th order program temperature, automatically after the door, can set the 420 DEG C in high temperature, fixed 450 DEG C independent protection circuit, with double protection structure.
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